February 22, 2020

A Complete Guide On How To Get Rid Of The Canon MX922 Print Head Error Efficiently

Among the printer manufacturers, Canon is a popular name. Its products are too good that the buyers are often recommended by another buyer. However, along with its popularity, there are some drawbacks. Canon MX922 print head error is one of them. If this is the error you are worried about and want to learn the methods of how to solve it, then this is an ideal article for you to read.

Canon MX922 Print Head Error

In the below lines, you are going to know some of the effective methods along with their steps to solve the print head error of Canon MX922.

What To Do To Solve Canon MX922 Error?

Solving the Canon MX922 print head error is a professional task. Though there are some easy methods that the users can try. They are as follows:

Trial 1: Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

Canon MX922 Print Head Error

Improper ink cartridge installation is one of the reasons results in Canon print head error. So, at first, reinstall the ink cartridges of the printer and then check whether the matter gets resolved or not. The steps you need to forward with to reinstall the ink cartridges are as follows:

At first, open the upper cover of the printer. This will let the carriage component to travel towards your access point. Uninstall the ink cartridges, and then install them back to the appropriate colored slots. Next, close the printer cover and restart the devices. Hopefully, now when your printer turns on, you will not get the error back.

Trial 2: Open the Print Head and Assemble It Back

If the print head alignment gets disturbed from the proper location, then the Canon MX922 print head error takes place. If this is the case, then you have to become a mechanic to resolve the issue on your own. The steps to follow to perform this trial method is a little difficult and are explained below:

Canon MX922 Print Head Error

Open the top cover of the printer and then wait until the cartridges move near to you. Take out the ink cartridges from their slots. Now, open the entire print head with the proper steps. Do not lose any components during the process. Next, wipe the accessible printer components with the help of a soft cloth. If ink marks are present, then dip a small part of the cloth to alcohol and apply it to clean the ink.

Further, assemble back the printer. Install the ink cartridges to their according slots. Lastly, close the printer cover and then restart the device to get the total effect.

Now, go for a trial print and then check if the matter gets sorted or still it is there. If the error remains then as the next trial you need to replace the ink cartridge which you have newly installed. Maybe the new ink cartridge is not OK, so change that with another one.

Trial 3: Change the Damaged Ink Cartridge

If you have recently changed an ink cartridge and get the error, then you need to replace that with another ink cartridge. Do not touch the electrical component of the ink cartridge, as it is a very sensitive component.

Trying the above methods works great most of the time.

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