February 22, 2020

Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon error code 5100 indicates a hardware related issue of the printer. If the carriage component of the printer is not able to move freely, then this is an issue that returns the error. Another fact that is responsible is if any of the ink cartridges of the printer is not installed correctly. Solving this issue is not so easy, but it does not mean impossible. You can try the below-explained methods one-by-one.

Possible Methods to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5100

To solve the Canon error 5100, try the methods as stated below:

Error Code 5100

Method 1: Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges re-installation is one of the most result-oriented solutions to fix the Canon printer error code 5100. The steps to perform this method is very simple. You can apply it as written below:

Error Code 5100


First, turn on the printer and then open the top door. Now, wait till the carriage of the printer moves to the accessible location. Uninstall the ink cartridges. After that, reinstall them back to the exact slots. Close the cover of the printer and then go for the system restart.

Hopefully, now when you are going to turn on your printer, you will find that the problem gets resolved. In case, if still the error appears then go for the second method.



Method 2: Clean the Printer Components

Dust particles is another culprit responsible for the various error codes on a printer. If this is the case, then to resolve the matter try the following steps:

Error Code 5100

Open up the printer cover and then remove the cartridges from their slots. Next, open the print head. After that, take a soft cloth, and use it to wipe the accessible printer components. Also, you can use an air blower with a lower speed to remove dust. Remove the paper particles, if any jammed inside the printer.




Now, when the printer cleaning process is over, assemble the printer back to its normal look. And restart the device to check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Method 3: Change the Damaged Ink Cartridge

The presence of a faulty ink cartridge is another reason that shows the error 5100 on Canon. To solve this, you need to identify the damaged ink cartridge first and then change that with a new or an alright ink cartridge to solve the problem.

All these are the effective methods to apply to get rid of the Canon printer error code 5100.

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