February 22, 2020

Solutions for the Canon End Code 099

Canon is a well-known printer manufacturer and the users are getting increased day-by-day. The users are facing an unexpected error, Canon end code 099. It mainly occurs if a piece of debris hinders the printing process. It can be a piece of paper or just dust particles. Also, out of memory in the printer is responsible for the Canon printer error 099.

Canon End Code 099

To solve the Canon error codes you can place a call to our Canon printer experts via our Canon Customer Support Number. Else you can read this blog to try basic solutions regarding the error code.

Basic Steps to Solve the Canon Printer Error Code 099

If the Canon end code 099 appears certainly and stops you to do a print, then solving the matter is very important. You can try the below steps to resume your printing process all over again.

Solution 1: Restart the Printer

Allow the following steps to fix Canon end code 099 with the help of the Restart the Printer solution:

At first, turn off the printer and then unplug it from the wall outlet. Proceed with your computer to do further steps to fix Canon printer error 099.

Press the Windows button along with the letter R to open the Run bar first and then in the bar enter appwiz.cpl. Further, click on the OK button, this will open the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel. Locate Canon printer entries and uninstall them one-by-one.

Again, open the Run bar and in the bar enter “C:/programdata”. Click on OK. Remove all the entries available on the window.

Further in the Run bar enter “C:/programdata” and remove all the folders and files present on the window.

Next, restart the computer and wait until the device turns on again. Restarting the computer will automatically reinstall the printer driver. Now, check if the issue gets resolved or not. And if not, then try the further solution.

Solution 2: Clean the Dirty Components of the Printer

Dirt present on the Canon printer or paper jam issue on the printer is responsible for the Canon end code 099. If this is the case, then the job to solve the issue will be a little difficult as the users need to open the printer to clean the printer parts. Read the below instructions to know how to do the process.

First, power on the printer and then open the top cover. Wait until the carriage travels the ink cartridges to the user’s accessible location. Uninstall the ink cartridges after unlocking them one-by-one. After that, remove the print head from the printer and then use a soft cloth to remove dust from the printer. Check if a paper piece gets stuck or not. If a paper gets jammed then remove the paper carefully, without damaging the nearby components.

After cleaning the printer parts, assemble the printer back and then start the machine to check if the error gets resolved or not. If this method is done properly, and all the parts are OK then the Canon end code 099 will gets solved.

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