April 1, 2020

PIXMA iP110 Wi-Fi: A Complete Setup Procedure

Some access factors (commonly called routers or hubs) include an automatic link switch identified “WPS” which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Configuration and permits allowed tools to attach to your network without needing to enter a password. This is the most convenient method of connecting your PIXMA printing machine. So, if your router has a WPS switch, then you can proceed with the ‘WPS Connection Technique’.

If your accessibility factor does not support WPS, please pick the ‘Conventional Connection Method’ below.

WPS Connection Method

To continue with the WPS connection method, you need to ensure the essentials:

  • The access point must be comes with a physical WPS switch. Please check with your device’s user guide for details. However, in case the WPS switch is not present, then you can use the instructions that are available in the method named the Standard Connection.
  • Your network must be using either the protocols, that is, WPA or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)  Almost every WPS enabled access points function with this protocol.
  1. Ensure that the printing machine is turn on/ activated.
  2. Locate and then tap the [Wi-Fi] button until the white lamp flashes once and then release it.
  3. The WiFI indicator will start flashing blue.
  4. After that, most likely to your gain access to factor and locate and tap down the [WPS] switch within 2 minutes.
  5. For correct detail concerning pushing the WPS switch, please refer to the guidebook of the access point.
  6. The Wi-Fi indicator of the printing device will continuously turn on and off while searching for or connecting to gain your internet name. 
  7. Throughout the configuration, the white power light will additionally begin to blink. As the printer connection is successfully done with your wireless network, an indicator will certainly quit blinking and become solid.

Network Setup Confirmation

To verify the effective connection of your printer to your cordless network, you can print your printer’s network settings if you wish:

  1. Ensure that your printer is switched on.
  2. Install a sheet of A4 sized inside the printer tray.
  3. Locate and press down the button that is for [Resume/Cancel] until the white indicator light blinks that is for 6 times and then release it. 
  4. The network info web page will certainly be printed.

When referring to the printout, check that the “Link” shows “Active” which the SSID suggests the good identity or name of your wireless network.

Conventional Connection Method for the Windows OS Users

To start the conventional method of the Canon Pixma ip110 set up, put the CD that included your printer and then proceed with the configuration process. If the “Configuration CD-ROM” does not autorun, in that particular case, insert the CD-ROM right into the Windows computer and press down WIn+E keys altogether, choose the CD-ROM as well as double-click [MSETUP4.EXE].

If you do not have the CD (‘s) that came with your product, please download and install the handbooks and also software application.

Click on Next on the wizard screen. Select the LAN option from the next window and then click on Next. Choose the recommended option that is the Access Point Connection. Click Next to continue. Click on the Next option when you see that the white power lamp is glowing.

The app will now scan for any printers already connected to your network within a short time.

However, if you are using the printer for the first time then the printer will not appear on the device. So, you need to confirm that the [Setting printer could not be found on the list] is selected. Proceed with the Next option.

The Setup Guide Installation will now start. Go through the following options Next> Cableless setup. Keep the [ Wi-Fi ] button (A) on the printer until the white power lamp flashes twice and release after the second flash when the following screen appears, then press [ Next ].

Now, you will find that the WiFi indicator starts flashing blue whereas the white power lamp is turned on. Tap on the Next option to move with the further steps of setting up the Pixma ip110 WiFi.

Once the access point connection is finished, click[ Next]. Select your area and press[ Next] when the following screen appears. Confirm your language when the following screen appears and then press[ Next]. Select the program you want to update when the following screen appears, and then click on[ Next]. If you’re not sure which program you want to install at this point, don’t worry, because if you want to, you can always uninstall it later.

Click the Yes option from the next window to ensure the license agreement. Now, the software will starts installing after you click on Next. 

Further, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the PIXMA iP110 Wi-Fi setup process.

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