April 1, 2020

How to Connect Canon mg2920 Printer to WiFi?

Canon Pixma MG 2920 is one of the great printers with basic features, plus you can have this printer at a rather cheap price. This printer is a multifunctional printer with functions for printing, scanning, and copying. It’s a fantastic option for a local business owner. 

A combination of the Inkjet Shade Technology and Fine Patented Technology on Canon will provide you a page with sharp texts along with good quality photos. The feature such as cloud service support or remote printing is incredibly beneficial, helps to print a document without connecting the devices physically. Because of the engineered design, it takes a small place for installing.

How To Connect Canon MG2920 Printer To WiFi

If you are searching for how to connect Canon mg2920 printer to WiFi, then the answer to this is here in the below lines. Read further to learn the complete process.

Steps to Connect Canon mg2920 Printer to WiFi

Here, below are the steps to allow the Canon Pixma mg2929 wireless printer setup process:

Confirm that you have installed the printer near to the router as well as the Computer or SmartPhone. Connect the printer directly to a power outlet so that no fluctuation error arises. Proceed with your device suitable method among these three to set up Canon mg2920 printer.

Cableless Setup

  1. Turn on the printer first by tapping the Power button that is mounted on the printer.
  2. After that, tap down and held the WiFi button. 
  3. Keep the button held until the Alarm lamp blinks two times.
  4. Now, ensure that the WiFi lights flash rapidly.
  5. Follow the printer control panel instructions to complete the connection of the Canon mg2920 printer to WiFi.

Connect Utilizing WPS

  1. Make sure the access point button is always pressed.
  2. Next, press the WiFi button and keep it held until the Alarm lights flashes.
  3. The WiFi lamps must be blinks continuously. Wait until the blinks stop and it becomes stable.
  4. Press and hold the button for 2 hours on the access point

Note: During the process if an error occurs, then it is advised to refer Troubleshooting.

Using WPS (PIN Code)

Follow the steps below:

  1. Tap down the Stop key, and put it held until the indicator flashes about 15 times.
  2. Wireless connections will display information like PIN code.
  3. Again press and hold the Stop button. Keep the Stop button held till to the time the Alarm lamp flashes 16 times.
  4. Please follow the device/smartphone screen instructions to set the WPS PIN code on the network configuration page shown at the access point.
  5. Lastly, ensure that the WiFi light indicator is ON.

Following the above processes, the PIXMA MG2900, MG2920, MG2922 Wireless connection can be done.

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