April 1, 2020

How to Get Rid Of The Canon Code 2 140 21? Resulted Solutions

Canon Code 2 140 21 appears usually when a scanner is set up. It does not allow the user to print a document. If this is the error code you are stuck with and searching for how to fix this, then reading the below instructions will benefit you.

Canon Code 2 140 21

Basically, the error 2, 140, 21 arises, if the user uses the printer to scan numerous documents after downloading the Canon IJ Utility. To stop this error the solutions list is countable. So, read further to know them.

List of Steps to Solve Canon Code 2 140 21

The list of steps of solving the Canon Error Code 2 140 21 are as follows:

  1. Stop Printing
  2. Wipe the Printing Components
  3. Update the Printer Drivers
  4. Replace the Ink Cartridges

Step 1: Stop Printing

Tap the Windows button along with the letter R to open the Run bar. Next, in the text section of the bar enter control. Now, click on OK, this will open the Control Panel window. If the View by is set to Category, then move the mouse to the Hardware and Sound section. 

Canon Code 2 140 21

Under Hardware and Sound, you will get the View Devices and Printers option, click on it. Next, go for the “Stop Printing” option to stop the printing process.

Step 2: Wipe the Printing Components

Canon Code 2 140 21

Now, open the printer top cover, this will move the printer cradle to the accessible location. Go to uninstall the ink cartridges and then open the print head. Next, with the help of a soft cloth wipe the dirt present in the printer components. Next, assemble the printer back to the normal look. Lastly, close the printer cover.

Step 3: Update the Printer Drivers

After assembling back the printer, plug the machine to the power source. Next, connect the printer with the computer. Open the Device Manager window. Scroll the window to locate your printer driver from the list. Go to the Printers section and double-click on it to expand.

Further, right-click on the printer driver and then select the Update Device Driver option. Now, continue with the displaying instructions to update the printer driver. To get the complete function of this step you need to restart your PC at the end, that is after the printer driver update.

Now, as the computer turns live check whether the matter gets sorted or not. If no, then you need to allow the further step.

Step 4: Replace the Ink Cartridges

Canon Code 2 140 21

To do this process, again you need to open the top cover of the printer. Now, when the cartridge cradle moves to the access point, remove the cartridges one-by-one. Replace the damage ink cartridge with a new or working one. Install the cartridges to their correct slots. Join the printer parts back and then go for the printing task.

Hopefully, after trying the above steps, you will fix the Canon Code 2 140 21 efficiently.

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