January 25, 2020

How Canon Pixma mg2522 Setup Can Be Done?

In-home Canon is a perfect printer that will fulfill all the printing requirement jobs. This machine is readily inexpensive and can meet all printing requirements. Since we all know that a large proportion of people are now doing work from home, the need for using high-quality printers is growing rapidly. Let’s get a little more information about the characteristics of this printer before we know how to do the Canon Pixma mg2522 setup.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Setup


Canon Pixma mg2522 provides the best features like the excellent print quality. Since Canon, an amazing printer manufacturer, its product’s printing features are noteworthy. Therefore, you should ensure that this printing machine can supply a reliable black and white print.

Nonetheless, the color combination used to design this printer gives it a distinctive look. Not only can you connect this printer to your computer system, but you can also connect it wirelessly to your smartphone.

This printer will produce a number of copies, not only a copy of black and white but also a copy of a colorful document. It has a striking copy rate since it can copy 30 pages in a minute. This printer’s scanning feature is another fascinating quality. This feature allows you to scan any format of a document.

Canon Pixma mg2522 Setup: Complete Steps

After unboxing the printer, install the machine to a suitable location, which must be near to a power outlet and the computer and the network device must be placed nearby. Connect the printer to your computer or smartphone via USB wire. Wait, until your device detects the printer.

Once the computer or smartphone detects the printer, the OS will automatically arrange the settings which are required to connect the device. Login to your Microsoft account before the download process starts.

For the Printer Registration, utilize the Canon Inkjet Print Quality. In the window, you need to select the model number of your printer first. Here, the model number is Canon Pixma mg2522. Then, follow the instructions appeared on the screen to complete the Canon Pixma mg2522 setup process.

If you have faced any problem while setting up the Canon Pixma mg2522 printer then you can contact us via our Canon Customer Support Number. We help regarding Connecting Canon Pixma mg2522 printer to WiFi and Canon Pixma mg2522 wireless printer setup.

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