January 25, 2020

Steps to Canon mg2900 Setup: Full Printer Setup

Canon Pixma mg2900 wireless printer setup is an important process that every user needs to go through after buying or getting the device. If you have searched several sources and still are in confusion with the Canon mg2900 setup process then hopefully, this article will clear your doubts.

Canon mg2900 Setup

There are several criteria the users need to complete before proceeding with the setup process.

Always install the printer in such a location that is saved from the physical disturbances. Also, a less temperature place is recommended, so that ink of the ink cartridges does not get dry. Always, install the printer near to both the network and the computer device, so that, no signal issue takes place.

After you have installed the printer successfully at your home or office, now proceed with the below steps to complete the Canon printer setup process.

Complete Steps to Setup the Canon mg2900 Wireless Printer

Utilize the below steps to set up the Canon mg2900 printer successfully:

Canon mg2900 Setup via Standard WPS

After connecting the printer, the computer, and the network device to the power source activate the supply. Next, press the power button of the computer and the printer. Wait until the computer and the printer turn on and the lights of the network device get stable. Proceed with the further steps to complete the Canon mg2900 setup process.

  1. After ensuring the printer is on, locate the Wi-Fi button on the printer’s body.
  2. Press down the WiFi button and keep it held until the light flashes on the printer.
  3. Now, press the WPS button of the router, and wait, until the printer control panel shows the network option under the list.
  4. Note: If the orange light blinks during the process, that means the distance of the router is not in range. You can proceed with the Troubleshooting in this case.
  5. Select your network and then enter the password.
  6. Click on OK to confirm.
  7. Now, ensure that the WiFi signal and the Power signal of the printer is ON. This indicates that the wireless connection of the printer is successfully done.

Steps to Connect the Canon Printer with your Device

After connecting the printer to the internet, the next step is, connect the printer to the device, from which you want to print the document.

To connect the Canon printer to the Windows OS, insert the printer installation disk. 

However, if you are using Mac OS and want to connect the printer, in that case, you need to download the software of the printer from the Apple website or the Canon Official site. Next, open the file to proceed with further steps.

After inserting the disk to the computer the Windows users need to select the region and language or there are other options as well. After entering the correct answer click on Next to continue.

Whereas, the Mac users directly get the Install helper option window. 

Click on Next to the Install helper window. This step is applicable to both Windows and Mac users.

Further, click on Next and then choose the Network section, select Cableless setup. Now, proceed with the on-screen instructions and complete by accepting the License Agreement. Click on Finish.

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