Canon Printer Offline Windows 10- Easy Fixes

Canon Printers have a range of advanced features. However, it is not error-free with all these features and services. The Canon Printer Offline Windows 10 issue can often be noticed when you connect Canon Printer to a Windows 10 device. You may not be able to print any page with this issue. Therefore, resolving the issue as soon as possible is necessary. It’s the right place to say that if you’re looking for some real solutions.

Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

What Causes Canon Printer Offline Error?

There are numeric causes results in printer offline Windows 10. Is the same question arises to you: Why I am getting a Canon Printer Offline problem? If Yes, then check out the below lines to know some probable causes regarding the error.

  • Faulty Connection Ports.
  • Damaged Connecting Cords.
  • Power Source Issues.
  • Printer Spooler Glitches.
  • Driver issue with the Canon Printer.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Offline Windows 10 Issue?

Canon printer offline issue can be solved by proceeding with the correct solution methods. Here, you can learn some of the effective fixes.

Fix 1: Ensure the Power is Supplied to the Printer

If the required power is not supplied to the printer then the Canon printer offline Windows 10 issue occurs. To check if this is the case, the better option is to connect the printer with another power source which is in working condition. Take proper precautions while connecting the printer to the power outlet. After connecting the printer to another printer outlet run the printer to check if the issue gets resolved or not. If still, the error exists then try the further fixes as given below.

Fix 2: Ensure Use Printer Offline is Not Enabled

Use Printer Offline is an option if somehow gets enabled the error occurs. If this is the case, then the solution for it is very simple and the steps to allow are as below:

Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

  1. Press down the Windows key along with the letter I first to open the Settings window.
  2. Next, click on Devices and then select the Devices and Printers option from the right-hand side of the window.
  3. After that, find your Canon printer under the Printers and Faxes section.
  4. Right-click on the Canon printer icon and then select See what’s printing.
  5. From the pop-up window click on the Printer tab.
  6. Now, ensure that the Use Printer Offline option under this window is not enabled. The checkbox should not be marked.

Hopefully, this fix will get you the positive result is solving the Canon printer offline Windows 10 issue.

Fix 3: Restart the Print Spooler service

An issue with the Print Spooler service will not allow you to print a document and may be returning you the Printer Offline issue on Windows 10. To fix this case, try the following steps:

Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

  1. At first, press down the Windows and the letter R buttons altogether to open the Run bar.
  2. In the Run bar type services.msc and then click on the OK button. This will open the Services window on the screen.
  3. After that, locate the Print Spooler option and check the Status section.
  4. If the Status is not showing anything then you need to select the Start option after right-clicking on Print Spooler. 

          However, if the status is showing Running then select the Restart option under the menu.

  1. Now check if the issue is solved, that is, the printer is has turned online again.

Fix 4: Update the Printer Driver

Updating the printer driver is one of the effective methods to solve the printer software issues on Windows 10. It is advised to run a virus scan before updating the printer driver on your PC to get the best result of the process.

Fix 5: Run Troubleshooting for the Canon Printer

Troubleshooting is the diagnostic tool present in Windows OS. If after trying all the above solutions if the error exists, then proceed with this tool to know the error. After identifying the error go to fix the matter according to the problem.

You can connect to our Canon Customer Support Number to get more advice on how to solve the Canon printer offline Windows 10 issue.

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