How the Canon Error Code B504 Can Be Solved?

Canon Maxify Printer provides the users a good quality printing. However, the device is not free from the common printer problems, Canon error code B504 is one of them. It mainly occurs if the ink in the tank gets empty.

However, the improper installation of the ink cartridges also results in such an error. A few solutions that you can try on your own are given below. Follow the below instructions to know both the user-friendly and the professional methods of how to solve Canon printer error B504.

Canon Error Code B504

Effective Methods to Fix the Canon Error Code B504

Canon error code B504 demands quick fixes. Delaying with this condition of the printer effects very bad to the printer’s health and can worsen the condition of the device if not fixed within a limited period. Here, we have discussed a few effective solutions regarding the error. So, you can check them out.

Solution 1: Clean the Printer Components and Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

Dusting is one of the processes to follow to fix the Canon printer error B504. It will works if the error occurs due to the presence of dust particles on the printer components.

While your printer is On open the top cover. By doing this, you will see that the carriage component of the printer travels the ink cartridges to an accessible location. Now, unlock the cartridges and remove them one-by-one. After that, disconnect the printer from the power outlet and then uninstall the print head. Next, wipe the accessible printer parts.

Further, connect both the printhead and the ink cartridges back to the printer machine. Close the printer door after that. Next, connect the printer to the power and turn the device on. Now, proceed to activate the printer and then check if the issue gets resolved or not. Hopefully, it will. However, if the error still exists, then try the next solution as explained.

Solution 2: Replace the Damaged or No Ink Cartridge

Damaged or empty cartridge is another fact responsible for the Canon error B504. If this is the case, then to solve this matter you need to replace the damaged or no ink cartridge with a new cartridge. However, you can install an old cartridge with ink if the cartridge is used in another Canon printer.

Note: Use the genuine Canon ink cartridge to get the better quality print and the long-term device live.

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