Methods to Fix the Canon Error Code 802

If a printing job is not gets completed then this will result in Canon error code 802. You can solve any Canon printers issue via connecting to our Canon Customer Support Number. To get a smooth printing process solving the error code 802 is necessary.

Canon printers are used in many sectors for its good quality printing. It comes with a professional design and thus it takes a little area to gets installed.

Canon Error Code 802

You must maintain the Canon machine to get a long-term better performance of the device. However, technical blunders are uncertain. Canon printer error code 802 is one of them. If a send, receive and fax job is not getting successfully done then this error occurs. It is a server related issue. If the SMTP and DNS server is not properly set the error takes place.

Effective Workarounds to Solve the Canon Printer Error 802

If you have serious trouble because of the Canon error code 802, don’t worry anymore. To repair these errors, we have simple yet effective solutions. So sit back and dial to our Canon Customer Support Number for the help. However, here we have listed a few effective methods to solve the error, you can try them beforehand.

Solution 1: Ensure the SMTP is Genuine

To solve this error first you need to ensure that the SMTP server name that is set in the Communication Settings is not wrong. You need to check the server name under the communication settings to fix the error.

Solution 2: Check the DNS Server

Go to the DNS server settings and then check the server name to check if it is correct or not. Navigate to the DNS server setting to verify the correct address.

Ensure that the DNS server is connected and has not failed.

Solution 3: FTP Server Functionality

Test whether or not the FTP server connection has broken. Make sure that the FTP server is working properly. Misconfiguration of the FTP server is one of the reasons responsible for the Canon error code 802.

Hopefully, after trying the solutions you have solved the Canon error code 802 and if not, then you can contact us on our Canon Customer Support Number.

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