How to Solve Canon Error 860 Efficiently? Efficacious Solutions

Canon Error 860 occurs primarily when there is paper jam inside the device. If you are facing problems with the printer machine, call our Canon Customer Support Number for a quick fix. Basically, the Canon error code 860 occurs if a paper or any foreign particles stuck inside the printer. Sometimes, this error can be solved very easily but sometimes the task will be difficult. You can read further lines to learn how to deal with the Canon printer error 860.

Canon Error 860

Solutions to Fix the Canon Error 860

Canon error code 860 can be solved with the help of efficacious solutions. You can begin with the fixes below:

Fix 1: Remove Paper Jam

First of all, check the paper tray of the printer. If any paper gets stuck then you need to remove that to fix the Canon error 860. Presence of curly paper on the installed paper bunch results in such an issue.

Note: Verify the paper jam condition of the printer after detaching the machine from the power source.

Fix 2: Clean Dust or Ink Marks Present on the Printer Components

The presence of dust particles on the printer components is one of the reasons responsible for the Canon error 860. If this is the case, then the solution for it will be a little difficult as the user needs to open the printhead component. After detaching the printhead from the printer, wipe the components using a soft and dry cloth. Also, remove the ink marks, if present.

Dip a small part of the cloth to an alcoholic solution and using the cloth, wipe the ink marks.

After cleaning the printer components assemble the printer back and then try to print a document to ensure if the issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 3: Check the PDLs

You can notice this error when submitting a print job using a PDL that may not be enabled by the device. So it’s better to check whether the PDLs support the device or not with your system administrator. You also need to use appropriate drivers for the printer.

Fix 4: Modify the Print Data Resolution

An unused array of features can also improve these 860 Canon Error Code. You need to adjust the print data resolutions and other print settings if the combined functions are not specified. You can start printing again after working on this.

If after trying both the above fixes, still, you are facing the Canon error 860 then contact our expert team to ask your queries.

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