A Guide to Solve Canon Support Code 1660

Canon error 1660 indicates a typical cartridge issue. It won’t let the user print anymore until the issue gets resolved. Solving the Canon printer error is very simple, only the application of the correct methods is required. When this error occurs, the printer’s orange light flashes four times.

Canon Support Code 1660

Canon support code 1660 appears when the ink cartridges are not correctly installed. So the first solution that the user needs to try to solve the error 1660 is, reinstall the ink cartridges of the printer. A damage ink cartridge of the printer is another cause. To know more regarding the solutions of the error, you can read further lines.

How to Solve Canon Code 1660?

Try both the methods one-by-one as arranged below until the error gets resolved.

Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

Reinstalling the ink cartridges will fix the matter if the Canon support code 1660 occurs due to the improper installation of the cartridges. The steps to follow are very simple. Check them out from the below lines.

Canon Support Code 1660

  1. Open the top-most cover of the printer, first.
  2. After that, check the ink cartridges indicator, if any shows red color, that means that particular ink cartridge is not properly installed.
  3. Now, take out all the ink cartridges and reinstall them to their proper locations. Ensure the locking sound after installing each cartridge.

Hopefully, this process will get you the error resolved.

Change the Damaged Ink Cartridge

However, if any cartridge installed on the printer gets damage then this is another fact responsible for the error. If this is the case, then to solve the matter you need to change the damaged ink cartridge with a new or working cartridge that comes with the same specifications.

Installing the ink cartridges on the inaccurate slots is also brings the Canon printer error code 1660. So, be careful while installing them.

That’s all are the methods to solve the Canon support code 1660.

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