How to Connect Canon TS3122 to WiFi?

If you look forward to learning how to connect Canon TS3122 to WiFi, you can find below some of the points that you need to follow. 

Until connecting your printer to the wireless network, please ensure that your Wi-Fi router is available and properly installed. Also, you need to confirm that the computer is also connected to the same network of which you are going to connect the printer device.


How To Connect Canon TS3122 To WiFi

Let’s proceed further to start the process of connecting the Canon printer model number TS3122 to a wireless connection.

Steps to Connect Canon TS23122 to Wi-Fi

Step 1:

First, ensure that the power supply for both the wireless network and the printer is on. After that, tap the Power button of the printer and wait until the router light becomes stable. That is, some of the lights will not blink but some of them are.


Check that the light blinks or not. If the light blinks push the “Stop” button to stop the light. Next, press and hold the direct button until the “Settings” option is shown in front of you. And by pressing the “Direct” button the printer enters the wireless communication mode where the icons are shown on the printer control panel.

Step 3:

Now, the user is expected to insert the CD that has been obtained along with the printer to facilitate the installation of the software. The user can even choose to download the installation files from the official Canon printers website. After downloading the software, click the “Set up” option and enter the product name and continue with the further steps.

Step 4:

If you are using the machine for the first time, then choose the system name that is Windows PC. Then press the button “Connect the Printer to Windows PC”. A new window will be shown in front and then click on “Download”. The program to download through takes a few minutes. After the download is complete, click the “Run” button.

Step 5:

Scan and open the downloaded file from the device to get started. Tap the “Start Setup” option and wait for the setup to perform its function. Upon completion, click the Country or Region of your residence and tap “Next”.

Step 6:

Keep taping the option “Agree” until the terms and conditions appear. Read the terms and conditions and press the option “Agree”. 

Step 7:

The wireless application window will then be shown by pressing “Yes” to continue connecting to a wireless connection.

Step 8:

A new monitor will be shown in front of you from where you need to pick the wifi network. Enter the password and then press “Next” to complete the setup.

Now, your Canon TS3122 Printer is connected successfully to the wireless network.

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