Canon is one of the world’s best manufacturing printer brands. It has become one of the top-notch brands in printing technology among users because of its printing performance. Still, that doesn’t mean the Canon printers are not causing any problem. An example of the issue is the Canon u052 error.

Canon u052 Error

Printer error can be solved but after identifying the cause of the error.

What Causes Printer Error u052?

The below are the probable causes of the error code u052 on Canon printer:

  • Damaged ink cartridges or almost no ink in the cartridges
  • An issue on the print head part
  • Connectivity issues
  • Corrupt or missing printer drivers

Have you identified the cause of the error u052? If Yes, then it will be easier for you to solve the problem. Proceed further to know the effective solutions of the Canon print head error code u052.

How to Solve Canon u052 Error? Easy Fixes

Try to solve the error code u052 with the following solutions:

Fix 1: Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

By reinstalling the ink cartridges of the printer the error will be resolved. If the ink cartridges of the printer are not properly installed then this will result in this error code. Check if the protected tap has removed from the installed cartridge or not. The presence of protected tape will not allow the ink to flow and thus results in such an error. After properly reinstalling the ink cartridges, if still, the error code appears then proceed with the further fixes as below.

Fix 2: Replace the Damaged Ink Cartridges

If any of the cartridges installed on the printer are running out of ink or any of the parts gets damaged then this will result in Canon u052 error. If this is the case, then replacing the out of work ink cartridges will be the option that will fix the glitch. Install the ink cartridges carefully, to solve the error.

Fix 3: Reset Printhead to Solve Canon u052 Error 

If the printhead of the printer is not installed properly, then you need to fix that to solve the error u052. For it, at first, you need to turn on the printer and then open the top cover to uninstall the ink cartridges. After that, carefully, remove the print hear and if possible then wipe the dirty parts. Next, assemble the printer back. After this step, if everything gets ok then the issue will be get solved.

After trying the above solutions most probably you will get the Canon u052 error solved. But, if still, the error exists, then you can connect with our customer service to seek help. Our Canon Customer Support Number is active throughout the day.