To solve the Canon printer mp560 error code b200, there are a few methods.

Canon printers are in the marketplace for a long time and its reliability and smooth troubleshooting capabilities draw the users maximum. 

Canon mp560 error b200 typically happens when the printer is using a distinctive ink formulation. Another reason accountable for the error is to change or refill OEM cartridge with a less costly one.

Effective Guide to Fix Canon mp560 printer error code b200

There are two stages that can remedy the error in less time and effort. It is usually a good idea to conduct the measures in ascending order to prevent time consumption and mistakes in order to keep your printer from further damage.

Fix 1: Install the Working PIXMA mp560 Cartridges


Canon mp560 Error b200

The foremost task that you need to begin with is, uninstall the damaged PIXMA mp560 cartridges and change that/ them with the working cartridges. The steps to perform this fix, are as below:

  1. First of all, open the above cover of the printer. This will lift up the ink cartridge cradle.
  2. Next, you need to take out the cartridges, without damaging the components.
  3. Now, uninstall the printhead. It can only be achieved by lifting the lever, that is there just next to the cradle of the cartridge.
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe the dust particle of the accessible parts of the printer.
  5. Reinstall the printhead and do not forget to lock the lever.
  6. After that, install the good ink cartridges to the assigned slots.
  7. Next, close the printer cover and then unplug the printer from the power outlet. Wait, until the device temperature comes back to the normal temperature.
  8. The final step is to begin a cleaning cycle or carry out an extensive nozzle check.

Hopefully, now when you begin a printing task, the error will not appear again.

Fix 2: Troubleshoot the Internet Connection and Administrator Access of the System

In case, after following the Fix 1, the Canon printer mp560 error code b200 still persists, then Troubleshooting the internet connection will resolve the issue. Another solution to try is, update the printer driver. The steps are very simple to follow in updating the printer driver and are as follows:

Open the Device Manager. For it, at first, tap the Windows key along with the letter R and then in the bar space, type devmgmt.msc. Next, click on OK.

Canon Printer mp560 Error Code b200

Under the Device Manager, get the Printers option and then double-click on it. Next, under the list, right-click on the printer driver and select the “Update Device Driver” option. Further, follow the on-screen instructions to update the printer driver.

That’s it.

Run Deep Cleaning for Canon PIXMA mp560

After the printer driver update, navigate to the Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel window. Next, right-click on the Canon mp560 printer and then select the Properties option. Go to Maintenance. And start the deep cleaning process by clicking on the Deep cleaning option.

Once, the cleaning is over, hopefully, you will get the Canon mp560 error b200 resolved.