Canon manufactured printers are famous for their high quality and outstanding characteristics. You sometimes even experience certain problems related to it, which is very normal with any devices. Canon MX870 B200 error is one among them, so you need not worry.

B200 Canon Error

Usually, the dreaded B200 Canon error on the machine highlights the destruction of the print head. Try a few suggestions if you have already decided to trash the printer or buy a fresh one.

Effective Guide to Solve Canon Printer Error B200

Try both the simple solutions one-by-one to fix the Canon MX870 B200 error efficiently.

First Solution: Repair 4+ Canon Pixma Printer Cartridges

Allow the below steps to try the first solution of solving the B200 Canon error:

At first, open the top cover of the printer. This will automatically open the cradle of the cartridge. Remove the cartridges without damaging the neighboring parts. Then, dismantle the print head of the printer. Take a soft cloth and dip a small part of it to an alcohol solution and using the cloth wipe the printer parts. Also, take a brush to clean the not accessible printer components.

Further, assemble back all the components. Put the ink cartridges to their regarding places.

Lastly, close the printer cover.

Now, connect your printer to the power outlet and then retry a printing process to check whether the issue gets resolved or not. Hopefully, this solution will get you a fruitful result.

Follow the same steps for 2 Cartridges Canon Pixma Printers.

Second Solution: Alter the Damaged Printer Parts with the Working Parts

Commonly, the ink cartridges of the printer is prone to damage, if not used in a proper manner. So, it is advised to change the ink cartridges with the working ones. In certain cases, this solution is also result-oriented. So, it is advised not to skip this solution.