How to Solve the Canon mg3600 Printer Not Responding Error In Easy Steps

Canon is a well-known company for its gadgets like cameras and printers. Canon printer helps the users to get a hard copy document with a great quality of printing. However, after a long term of using the device, the peoples are confronting with several issues like the Canon mg3600 printer not responding. If this is […]

How to Solve the Canon Printer Error 5200? Complete Guide

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How to Solve Canon Support Code 306 on Mac? Effective Solutions

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Canon Printer In Error State: Know How to Solve It

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Solve the Printer Model Canon MX922 Support Code 1403 with Effective Steps

Canon is known over the years to produce high-performance and high-quality printers. The Canon MX922 is one of such devices. Because of the range of its features, the users usually prefer the Canon printers over the others. After long use of the Canon printer, the users have faced some common problems, Canon MX922 support code […]

Effective Methods to Solve Canon Support Code 6000: The Printer Error

We cannot deny the fact that today for most of our jobs we are all relying on computers and printers. May it be our personal or professional life, the electronic devices take a vital part. It’s no longer tiring to get a hard copy of a file, all you need to do is click a […]

Solve Canon Support Code 1688 with the Expert’s Solutions

Canon is a well-named manufacturer of the printer device and the according components. If you are facing the Canon Support Code 1688 and wondering what it is and how to fix it, then you are on the right path.  Error code 1688 indicates an issue with the cartridge component of the printer. If the ink […]

How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue?

Canon printer printing blank pages is a common issue. Canon manufactured printers come with either 2 or 4+ cartridges. If the ink cartridges are not properly installed on the printer then this is one of the facts responsible for the blank page printing issue. If you have tried several times to print a document and […]